Privacy Policy

The Portal of the International Congress of Mathematicians - RIO 2018 (ICM 2018) protects the privacy of all who visit it and use its services, pursuant to the terms and conditions below.

In order to enable our communication with the stakeholders of ICM 2018, this website collects, stores and uses user data, which may include name, address, phone number, e-mail and other data, some of which is provided at the free initiative of the user (e.g., when completing registration) - who is legally responsible for accuracy thereof - and other data captured, directly and automatically from the user's computer through technological resources, which are incorporated into the database of the Portal.

Automatic collection is done, among other ways, through resources known as 'click-through URL,' 'cookie' and/or 'beacon,' which are stored (persistently or temporarily) in the user's browser and serve to identify the user and record the functions of the website used with each access (such as records of logs, Internet Protocols, ID sessions, to verify the communications effectively open and/or displaying etc.), as well as for recognition of other cookies, thereby managing and improving our services and for other specific purposes.

The mere use of this Portal constitutes an authorization to use 'click-through URL,' 'cookies,' 'beacons', and/or other resources, as well as the collection, storage and use of the personal information and data mentioned above . It is incumbent on the user, however, to remove or block the aforementioned tools, which may have been installed, through the configuration of the user's computer (which could limit some features of the Portal), as well as, through written notice, require the removal of the user's name from the mailing list, by the ICM 2018 Organization, from any communications about the user (with five [5] working days being granted to comply with such request). The user may, however, request to return to the ICM 2018 mailing list whenever the user so wishes.

This Portal uses technological tools to protect the integrity of its own system and of the personal information of its users against unauthorized access and misuse; however the operators of the Portal do not guarantee complete inviolability of the Portal. The ICM 2018 Organization and the operators of the Portal shall - in this case and others arising from malicious third parties (notably hacking, transfer of viruses, etc.) and in the case of system failure (for any reason) - be exempt of any liability or compensation. On the other hand, it is the user's responsibility to create and maintain a secure environment on their computer by using antivirus software, firewall, passwords and other protection tools.

The personal data of users and the mailing list of this Portal shall not be marketed by its operators or by the ICM 2018 Organization for profit, but may be passed on to sponsors, supporters and the institutional and/or business partners of the Congress (in particular tourism agencies, hotels and the like) and judicial and/or governmental bodies or authorities that legitimately and legally require them. The use of the data passed on to the third parties cited here, which is hereby permitted by the user, shall be in accordance with their own privacy policies, without the presumption of joint or several liability of the ICM 2018 Organization or the operators of the Portal. Note that the opinions, information and personal data posted by the user on the pages of the Portal that are open to the public (such as comments) are the sole responsibility of the user and not are not subject to any prerogative or even expectation of privacy.

The visitor or user of this Portal agrees to abide by Brazilian law and international conventions and treaties, notably the rules governing the use of media; image rights, copyright and related to copyright; rights of industrial and intellectual property and trade secrets; and to refrain from making untrue posts that violate the privacy of others, that incite violence or disorder, that contain obscene or offensive terms that in any way advocate or commit illegal acts, or constitute advertising, publicity or endorsement of any product or service; and such posts may be removed from the site at any time.

The ICM 2018 Organization hereby reserves the right to make, at any time and without limitation of scope or notice, any changes and/or additions to this Privacy Policy statement, which shall at all times be governed by the laws in effect in the Federal Republic of Brazil, regardless of the country of access by or residence of the user. The ICM 2018 Organization, visitors, and users of this Portal elect the central law courts of the County of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, and waive any other to which they may be entitled, to settle all lawsuits or disputes relating to the rights and obligations arising from this statement.