ICM 2018 — A universe of opportunities for your brand

1 – Human Development, a relevant Promotional niche

Brazil is instituting nationwide the “Mathematics Biennium 2017/2018 Gomes de Souza” as a positive agenda for national education. The two years of national and international events will showcase mathematics as the focal point of communications throughout the period. ICM 2018, scheduled for August 2018, will bring Brazil's Mathematics Biennium to a close with prominence and prestige.

The Mathematics Biennium is an excellent opportunity for your brand to join the universe of mathematics and all of its infinite areas of application. All with sufficient planning and time to cement the association of your brand with this important movement.

2 – Opportunity for association with prestigious brands and initiatives

The ICM, which has been held for 120 years, will present its twenty-eighth edition in Rio de Janeiro, creating vast opportunity for businesses, brands and products to relate to their target audiences in a way that is different, consistent and relevant.

ICM 2018 is more than a fair: it's a global event that showcases and awards cutting-edge studies and excellence of research, with outstanding contributions for global development. The event covers all of the areas of science and technology and knowledge that enable and drive human development in various sectors and areas.

3 – Linking your brand with a segment that's creating the future

ICM presents, every four years, new theories that will drive research and cutting-edge technologies, thus improving our future and the everyday lives of millions of people around the Earth. ICM is, without a doubt, one of the world's largest and most important scientific research and teaching events. An eye to new possibilities and paths for humanity.

4 – Sufficient time and a positive environment for consolidation of the Sponsorship

Over the next two years, brands, products and services can benefit from partnerships with ICM and other prestigious brands in Brazil and abroad. Brands that add value engender relevance and prominence for all of the initiatives that they produce and support.

ICM 2018 sponsors and partners may have direct access—before, during and after the event—to all communications and promotional initiatives created for the event. In addition to getting direct contact with participants, researchers, students, teachers and math lovers around the world. Proximity with the mathematical societies, science academies and delegations of more than 150 countries and important government institutions.

The promotional features and initiatives available to ICM partners are sure to facilitate the execution of a large range of marketing activations that will add value to partners' brands, products and services at the event.

5 – An opportunity not to be missed

Partner with ICM 2018, IMPA and SBM—brands that represent innovation, expertise and progress.

Your brand sees only the upside!

For further information about the business plan that ICM 2018 can offer your company, contact the Organizing Committee.