Short Communications & Posters

Short communications

Important: Please read instructions carefully.

Dates, times and places
Information on the dates, times and places of all communications will be made available through our website in the following link:

About your presentation

Length: each session will consist of a 15-minute presentation followed by 05 minutes for questions and discussions. These time limits will be strictly enforced.

Presentation format: your presentation materials must be in eletronic format. The following file types are preferred: .pdf and .pptx for presentations; and .mp4 and .mov for videos.

Bring your presentation to the Media Desk: you must bring your presentation file in a USB stick to our Media Desk (in Pavilion 5 in Riocentro) until the day before your presentation.

Important: It will not be possible to do your presentation from your personal computer. It is therefore necessary that you bring us your presentation file the day before (as indicated above).

Other recommendations:
1. Prepare your slides in widescreen (16:9) format.
2. Please use font sizes 18 or larger. Each slide should contain at most 10 - 12 lines of text.


Abstracts of all approved short communications will be published in our electronic Book of Abstracts.