Short Communication & Posters

Deadline for submissions has been extended to March 5, 2018.
The result will be available by March 28, 2018.

Dear Authors,

It is with pleasure that the ICM 2018 Committee welcomes your participation and the submission of your work.

For your benefit, the submission is fully automated. You only need to fill a simple form. However, we recommend that you read the instructions below, which will guide you through the process and also avoid possible misunderstandings.

Instructions for Short Communication and Poster

Alexander Arbieto


This page is meant to help ICM Short Communications authors (both oral and poster session) with the preparation of their contributions to the Proceedings of the ICM2018. It contains FAQ on technical issues related to source files and submission.

1- What is a Short Communication?

A Short Communication is a report of a recent and original work in mathematics. Preferably, which was made after 2014. It can be presented orally or in a poster.
2- How will it be published?

It will be published online and as an eBook, part of the ICM 2018 publications.
3- Do I need to be registered before being considered for a Short Communication at the ICM 2018?

Yes! And please use the same e-mail address for registration and submission.
4- Do I have to choose in between an oral presentation and a poster?

Yes! You should choose what fits best your presentation. The ICM Editorial Committe may change it, if necessary.
5- How do I submit my finished contribution?

From Sep 4th, 2017 to Jan 5th, 2018 you will be able to submit an Abstract of a Short Communications here.
6- What language shall I use?

It is strongly recommended that abstracts be written in English. The committee reserves itself the right to reject submissions in other languages in case it has difficulties finding suitable reviewers fluent in those languages. Also be advised that writing your abstract in a language other than English greatly reduces its prospective audience.
7- What should this upload include?

Include the sources that we can use to process it, as well as, the PDF file of reference produced by your sources.

The upload should be a single Zip/Tar file containing all your files.
8- What formats are acceptable?

Any "source" format is acceptable, LaTeX is the preferable format and the one that will require the least amount of changes to your sources, and the least amount of revisions on your part.

Write the abstract on the format you are most comfortable with. PDF-only is not a source format and cannot be accepted.
9- Any special directions on what should I do?

  • Avoid any tables, graphics or bibliographical references.
  • Limit the text to 300 words and the title to 150 characters.
10- Can I include color graphics on the poster?

Yes, of course, but not in the Abstract itself.
11- Do I need to classify my contribution according to the Mathematical Subject Classification?

Yes! The MSC2010 classification is necessary. Choose one Primary code and up to five Secondary codes for your paper.

For more information on MSC-2010 go to:
13- Is there an e-mail I can send my questions to?

Please use for any questions on format, submission, etc ...

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