ICM Newsletter 8

Satellite Meetings

Eduardo Teixeira
Eduardo Teixeira
I am pleased to report that the ICM 2018 Satellite Events Subcommittee has approved a great variety of conferences and workshops of the highest scientific level as official ICM Satellite Meetings. The current, nearly final, list of sponsored events can be checked on the ICM 2018 website or by clicking here.

Satellite events comprise one of the most important scientific aspects of the ICM endeavor. These meetings foster an extended forum for researchers to share their exciting new contributions to the field and society, promoting meaningful collaboration among the international mathematics community, and ultimately enriching the ICM participants´ experience.

Satellite meetings are also an endowment to the ICM host country, as local institutions are greatly benefitted by the visit of the world´s leading scientists, who are attracted by ICM´s prestige and momentum. Brazil is proud to host the first-ever ICM in Latin America and I am glad to inform that there will be satellite events all over the Brazilian territory, as well as in nearby countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. This initiative is in compliance with the original Brazilian bid to host the ICM in Rio de Janeiro so as to benefit the entire Latin American mathematical community.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to invite you all to take part in the ICM celebration in Brazil and to attend one or more ICM Satellite Events.

Best regards, Eduardo Teixeira (Univ. Central Florida)
Chair of the Satellite Events Subcommittee
ICM 2018 Organizing Committee


Chang and Atiyah to give the Noether and Abel Lectures at ICM 2018

The 2018 ICM Noether Lecturer is Sun-Yung Alice Chang for her leading contributions to harmonic analysis, geometric analysis, differential geometry and partial differential equations.

The 2018 ICM Abel Lecturer is Sir Michael Francis Atiyah for his fundamental work bringing together topology, geometry and analysis, and his outstanding contribution to building new bridges between mathematics and theoretical physics.
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Program at a glance

Our Scientific Program Subcommittee has the pleasure to release the "Program at a glance", a summarized version of all the activities of ICM 2018. Click here for more details.



Academic institutions, publishers, software and IT corporations, teaching material companies and others can showcase their products at ICM 2018 Exhibiting Hall.

In order to have a stand you must complete the Exhibitor Form, which is available for download at the Sponsor/Exhibitor menu on the website.

The form must be filled, signed and sent to, mentioning the number of the booth you would like to hire.

For any further information please contact us by e-mail or visit


Scientific societies and organizations that wish to host receptions at ICM 2018 should contact our Program Subcommittee ( to place a reservation.

We expect to have a complete briefing package with the catering and ballroom pricing options by the end of February 2018.

Reservation requests must indicate the preferred dates, period (breakfast - 7AM-8:30AM / lunch - 11:50AM-1:30PM / cocktail - 7PM-10PM) and a prospective number of guests.

Given the limited number of ballrooms available to host such social events, priority will be given to early requests.

The list of the Open Arms program grantees has just come out

The Organizing Committee has just published the list of grantees to receive financial support to attend ICM 2018.

All Open Arms grantees must complete their registration and pay the registration fee by March 27, 2018: failure to do so will result in cancellation of the grant and the corresponding resources being assigned to an applicant on the "waiting list" .

There were 1.565 valid applications, as follows: Asia and Pacific = 903, Africa = 280, Eastern Europe = 138, Latin America = 244. The four regional panels were asked to base their evaluations on academic merit, with a special attention to diversity, including gender balance.

Overall, there are 630 travel grants being awarded, as follows: Asia and Pacific = 200 (60 female), Africa = 130 (44 female), Eastern Europe = 100 (49 female), Latin America = 200 (76 female). In all four regions the percentage of women among the grantees matches or surpasses the percentage of female applicants.

Open Arms is sponsored by IMPA - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada and SBM - Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática, with a generous contribution from IMU - International Mathematical Union.


Remain up to date with our deadlines for early registration, abstract submission and financial support.

Submission of Short Communication & Posters

Open September 14, 2017
Close January 5, 2018
Results February 28, 2018

Open Arms-Brazil Travel Grants Program

Open October 8, 2017
Close January 8, 2018
Results February 21, 2018


Open September 14, 2017
Early Advance July 13, 2018 (less - reduced registration fee)
Advance February 21, 2018
On Site GA July 26 through 28, 2018 (General Assembly participants only)
On Site ICM July 29 through August 09, 2018 (Full fee. No access to the opening ceremony.)