ICM Newsletter 7

Organizing Committee releases first version of ICM 2018 Program

Emanuel Carneiro
Emanuel Carneiro
In 2012, a group of Brazilian mathematicians sat together in a large meeting room to start preparing a bid for the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM. Our dream became a goal in 2014, when the ICM 2018 in Brazil was ratified by the International Mathematical Union. At that time, the year 2018 still seemed far away.

Not anymore. We are now a year apart from the ICM in Rio de Janeiro. The Organizing Committee continues to put on their best efforts to deliver a wonderful event to the world mathematical community.

The outstanding lists of plenary and invited speakers for ICM 2018 were announced in the previous edition of this newsletter. Now the OC releases the first part of our Scientific Program (click here for the full schedule). This contains the schedule of the 21 plenary lectures, eight prize lectures, the Abel and Noether special lectures, 181 invited lectures and three invited panels. The remaining part of the program, which includes short communications and poster presentations, will be released later on, after the conclusion of their respective selection processes.

During the days of the congress, our convention center will also host a variety of complementary activities associated to the ICM 2018. We will be especially focused on encouraging interactions amongst congress participants; discussing relevant themes and challenging issues for the development of Mathematics; and disseminating and popularizing mathematics among Brazil’s youth. Activities related to these goals include public lectures, exhibitions, discussion panels and several social events.

Our Scientific Program Subcommittee is in charge of thoughtfully allocating lectures and all other activities throughout the nine days of the congress in a balanced, attractive and smooth way. We will also oversee the event on site to ensure that our guests may have an absolutely amazing experience in Rio de Janeiro in 2018.

With kind regards,

Emanuel Carneiro (IMPA)
Chair of the Scientific Program Subcommittee
ICM 2018 Organizing Committee

“Open Arms-Brazil”

As part of the “Open Arms” initiative, designed to promote the participation of mathematicians from developing countries in the next ICM in Rio de Janeiro, the ICM2018 Organizing Committee is delighted to announce the “Open Arms-Brazil”. This program is a version of the “Open Arms” especially targeted at mathematicians affiliated with Brazilian institutions.

The program offers 250 travel grants, to be selected through a merit-based process, with particular attention to early-career mathematicians and strong commitmment with diversity. The amount of each grant will depend on the selection committee's decisions and budget constraints.

Applications will be received from October 8, 2017, to January 8, 2018, and the results will be announced by February 21, 2018.

Other ICM news

Volunteers make a difference

Maria João Resende
Maria João Resende
In previous ICMs, the Organizing Committee had the valuable support of volunteers and in 2018 it will not be different.

The Math Festival and the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in 2017, in Rio, counted on a great team of volunteers who collaborated with the organizers. The events’ volunteers had diverse profiles, from students to retirees, from mathematics lovers to those not so fond of the area. But all of them ended up infected by mathemathics and were motivated to spread and promote the beauty of math among general public, which is also one of the goals of the organizing committee.

Following these two successful events, the ICM 2018 organizing committee expects to have a large team of volunteers who will help to foster a pleasant and welcoming environment for all participants.

If you want to be part of our enthusiastic volunteers team, do not forget to make your application starting in September.

Maria João Resende (UFF)
Chair of the Volunteers Subcommittee
ICM 2018 Organizing Committee

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Exhibition Booths
The ICM 2018 Exhibition Hall will be the main gathering point for the Congress participants and has the purpose of creating business and networking.

Reminiscing about two Brazilian mathematical giants
Elon Lages Lima and Welington de Melo, who both passed away recently, were towering figures in Brazilian Mathematics. This article briefly reviews their lives and main achievements.


Remain up to date with our deadlines for early registration, abstract submission and financial support.

Open Arms Travel Grants Program

Open April 15, 2017
Close October 15, 2017


Open September 14, 2017
Early Advance April 27, 2018 (reduced registration fee)
Advance July 13, 2018 (less – reduced registration fee)
On site GA July 26 through 28, 2018 (General Assembly participants only)
On site ICM July 29 through August 9, 2018 (Full fee. No access to the opening ceremony.)

Submission of Short Communications & Posters

Open September 14, 2017
Close January 5, 2018
The selection results will be published by February 28, 2018
Dead-line April 27, 2018 (for payment of registration and acceptance of the Abstract)

Open Arms-Brazil Travel Grants Program

Open October 8, 2017
Close January 8, 2018
Results February 21, 2018