ICM Newsletter - Eighth day

Proceedings are now available for ICM participants

ICM participants may now download HERE complimentary electronic copies of the plenary and invited speakers’ articles in the ICM 2018 proceedings.

This link will be deactivated on August 31, 2018.

Kashiwara demystifies crystal bases & categorifications

Considered the founding father of algebraic analysis, Japanese mathematician Masaki Kashiwara led a packed plenary audience through his theory of “Crystal Bases & Categorifications” this afternoon, having paid homage to his supervisor Mikio Sato. He was awarded the coveted Chern Medal last Tuesday at ICM 2018 for his contributions to mathematics in a career spanning nearly half a century.

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Geordie Williamson: ‘Semi-simplicity is like the air we breathe’

Australian representation theory expert Geordie Williamson delivered a dynamic lecture at ICM 2018 today, extending the concept of symmetry to number systems where 1 + 1 = 0. The talk explored the recurring appearance of geometric techniques in seemingly algebraic problems, and his straightforward and charismatic approach was a crowd-pleaser.

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Rogério Martins: ‘Why can’t we see beyond three dimensions?’

If we live in a three-dimensional world, how can we begin to comprehend the 4th dimension? This was the question posed to a crowded plenary hall by this afternoon by Rogério Martins – a Portuguese mathematician, teacher, and host of the successful TV show ‘This is Mathematics’.

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Algorithms through a numerical lens

Austrian researcher Christian Lubich led a plenary audience at ICM 2018 through “Dynamics, numerical analysis and some geometry”. The Innsbruck-based mathematician described the varied nature of geometric aspects that influence dynamics. He based his discussion in symplectic integrators for Hamiltonian ordinary and partial differential equations.

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Assaf Naor brings new vision of metric dimension reduction

Delivering his plenary lecture this morning at ICM, Princeton mathematics professor Assaf Naor spoke about recent advances to the Ribe program. Since it emerged in 1975, the Ribe program has opened new possibilities for mathematicians, including Naor, to work with properties and algorithms related to metric spaces.

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Behforooz: If math is not fun, what’s the point?

Mathematics should be fun, according to Hossein Behforooz. Students shouldn’t be scared. If it’s not fun, what’s the point? “In more than half of every class we have, there is this kind of phobia. People think that math is difficult, that it´s hard,” explained the mathematics professor at Utica College in New York. “Math is a way to prove something and to make it fun, not to scare students.”

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ICM 2018 Outreach Fund

It is still possible to contribute to the ICM 2018 Outreach Fund, which sponsors the participation of children from local schools and their teachers. If you have not yet donated but would like to do so, there will be a chance to donate at the registration desk. These resources will go towards supporting the presence of the local youth, with this historical opportunity to sow the seeds for a mathematical future in Brazil.