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July 29 - 30, 2018

Visa Information For Brazil

DISCLAIMER: The information on this Web page was obtained from official sources in December/2016 and has been made available for the convenience of participants. We will not accept any responsibility regarding the correctness of this information. It is strongly recommended that participants consult the website as well as the nearest consulate well in advance of their trip to obtain official information on travelling to Brazil. The whole process of requiring a vista is the sole responsibility of each individual traveler.

A note on Brazil's reciprocity policy
Brazilian federal law mandates that tourism and/or business visas be required from all citizens of countries that require similar visas from Brazilians. Brazilian visa fees will also approximately match those charged from Brazilians by the respective country. Reciprocity policy may also extend beyond visa matters; please refer to the nearest Brazilian consulate for more information.

Who needs a visa to visit Brazil?
Entry visas for visiting Brazil are currently required from citizens from Australia, Canada, Haiti, the United States of America, most countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, and a few other countries. A complete list of nationalities that need visas is available from

Entry visas for Brazil are not required for short tourism and business trips by citizens of most countries in South America, Central America, and Europe, as well as nationals from South Africa, Singapore, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia and some other countries. Citizens from Mercosur countries may enter Brazil with a recent official identification document from their home country in lieu of a passport. Visa-exempt nationalities are subject to other rules regarding allowed activities while in Brazil and maximum periods of stay, which may vary from country to country. Visit the following website for more information:

How to apply for a Brazilian visa
If you do need a visa, you need to submit a visa application through the website You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your arrival date in Brazil.

Additional requirements for travelling with minors
Minors under 18 years of age that apply for visas will need an official travel authorization from their parents, legal guardians or other competent authorities. Brazilian hotels will require a similar authorization for hosting any minor who is not travelling with his parents or legal guardians. You should be ready to physically present this authorization (or official copies thereof) upon arrival in the country and at your hotel. Bear in mind that the physical authorization (or its copy) may be retained by the relevant authorities; therefore, you many need to carry several copies.

Letter of invitation
Brazilian authorities may request letters of invitation from IMU GA participants. You will be able to obtain such a letter from your IMU GA website restricted area once you complete the registration process. We remind all participants that this letter is individual and is not meant to replace standard visa and immigration procedures. Visa requests remain the sole responsibility of each individual traveler.