IMU General Assembly

July 29 - 30, 2018

How to get to the venue

The IMU-GA venue is the Sheraton WTC (World Trade Center), located in a prime location of the city of São Paulo, at about 6 km (3.7 miles) from the domestic airport Congonhas (airport code CGH), and at about 36 km (22 miles) from the international airport Guarulhos (airport code GRU).

Arriving in São Paulo – General Information

The main airports in the São Paulo metropolitan area are:

  • Guarulhos International Airport (GRU - domestic and international flights)
  • Congonhas Aeroport (CGH – domestic flights only)
Both airports have free WiFi service.

Taxi and ride hailing apps (99 Taxis and Uber)

99 Taxis is taxi/ride hailing app that is quite popular in Brazil. It is available in Android and iOS versions. For each ride, you can choose whether to request an official local cab or a peer-to-peer rideshare as in Uber.

99 Taxi
99 Taxi App
Download the 99 Taxis app from one of the following links:

99 Táxis
Uber offers in Brazil the same peer-to-peer ridesharing services as in other parts of the world. You can download this app from the following links.
Both Uber and 99 Taxis have fluctuating prices. The price for the ride shown in your app may be only an estimate.

Uber and 99 Taxis have dedicated boarding areas in the Guarulhos airport, but not in Congonhas. When in the latter airport, you may have to let your driver know where s/he should pick you up.

Important: Before boarding, check your car’s model and license plate.

Arrival in Guarulhos (GRU)

MAY I HELP YOU? Producer* will be available to assist with general information you may need before proceeding to your hotel.

May i help you
*Only and exclusively at GRU - Guarulhos Airport, on July 28, 2018.

App boarding areas

Guarulhos International (GRU) has designated boarding areas for 99 Taxis and Uber rides. They are both on the second floor, on the street outside the arrivals area.

Ponto 99 Táxis
Ponto Uber Ponto Uber

Flat fare taxi service

Guarucoop is the official cab operator in Guarulhos International (GRU). The company provides taxi services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has kiosks with bilingual service near the exits of all terminals.

Guarucoop charges a flat fare for each ride. Although prices may vary, a ride to Sheraton WTC should cost R$ 190,00. To use this service, first go to an information desk. You will be given a ride ticket and directed to your taxi. You will pay for your ride in the taxi; cash and major credit cards are accepted.

Where to find Guaricoop kiosks in Guarulhos International:
Terminal 1: Arrivals/departures
Terminal 2: Arrivals east/west
Terminal 3: Arrivals

Quiosque Guarucoop

Bus to Congonhas Airport

A direct bus service connects Guarulhos International to Congonhas Airport (CGH). Some travelers may want to use that service and then use a taxi to get to Sheraton WTC from CGH.

The GRU-CGH bus is operated by Airport Bus Service. The company has kiosks in all terminals, with bilingual service around the clock. Bus tickets cost R$ 50,00/person (oe ticket) or R$ 40,00 (two or more tickets). A taxi ride from CGH to Sheraton WTC costs around R$ 33,00 to R$ 38,00 (without traffic). More information about Congonhas taxi service is available in the next section.

Airport Bus Service website:

Bus service times:
Terminal 1: 6h to 23h15
Terminal 2: Arrivals west - 5h30 às 23h10
Terminal 2: Arrivals east – 24 hours a day

Arriving in Congonhas (CGH)

Uber and 99 Taxis Apps

Neither app has a designated boarding area in Congonhas. Once your ride is confirmed, you will have to let your driver know where s/he is supposed to pick you up.

Regular and special taxis

Regular (blue and white) and special (red and white) taxi cabs are available outside the arrivals area, on the ground floor of the airport. You may also prepay your ride in cash or credit in one of the kiosks inside the terminal, in the arrivals area.

Táxi Vermelho e Branco
SPECIAL TAXI SERVICE (red and white)
Táxi 606
REGULAR TAXI SERVICE “606” (Blue and White)
Ponto 99 Táxis
Service kiosks inside the arrivals area