ICM2018 Childcare Services

ICM2018 offers paid childcare services to registered participants with children between 2 to 10 years old. This service will be available on all days of the Congress.

To guarantee that childcare services will be available to you, please make a reservation in advance through the ICM registration website. To do this, access your account in the Registration system, then go to 'Activities', click on 'Childcare' and choose the days you wish to use this service for. Only fully completed and paid for reservations are guaranteed by ICM.

On-site registration for childcare will be subject to availability and must be paid for when the child is checked in at our facility.

Child ages From 2 to 10 years old
Operating hours 8:30 - 18:00 (no service on August 5/Sunday)
During the lunch time, between 12:30 and 13:30, the child must stay with the responsible person.
Fees Early and Advance Registration USD 20 / daily fee
Onsite Registration USD 35 / daily fee
Overtime surcharge USD 10/ ten minutes

Important information:

  1. Official identification documents (such as passports or other documents accepted in Brazil) must be presented for both the child and the responsible adult at both check in and checkout. Please bring copies of these documents. The copies will be retained by our staff during the child's stay.
  2. Only the responsible adult who checked the child in at the childcare center will be allowed to pick him/her up at checkout time.
  3. Children must be picked up no later than 18:00 on each day of service. In case a child is not picked up at that time, surcharges will apply at the rate of USD 10 per each ten minutes.
  4. Childcare service does not include meals, snacks or beverages other than water. Therefore, children must be picked up for lunch at 12:30 by the responsible person, and can be back up from 13:30.
  5. Our team is not allowed to administer medication to your child. Children in poor health may be denied admission to the childcare facility.
  6. If your child uses diapers, you must leave a package of disposable diapers at the childcare facilities. Please bring diapers along with other needed items (such as pacifiers and an extra set of clothes, &c) in a bag to be left with childcare facility staff. Neither the staff nor the ICM Secretariat will accept any responsibility for lost or missing personal items.