Logo/Theme ICM 2018


The ICM 2018 logo was constructed based on a reading of the world through mathematics, where the abstraction and shapes of Rio de Janeiro represented a key role in the creation process.

The objects of the physical world have been associated with abstract traits controlled by scientific and non-scientific assumptions and concepts. The Fibonacci sequence and fractals were the basis for this reading, associated with the observation of the shape and contours of Sugarloaf, a Rio de Janeiro icon known throughout the world for its distinctive curves and incomparable beauty.

The process required of the creative team the ability to know how to manage diverse information in a single drawing. Associating the geometric and transitional properties between the experimental and abstract ended in a result with conceptual and figural – and even playful – harmonics.

The experimental exploration was enabled by a computerized environment. Here, the team's conjectures received constant feedback and were consequently refined, enabling them to reach an outcome that resides between concept, abstraction, information and harmony

Close to what is present in the geometry of nature, in dynamic geometry, in a process of endless possibilities – the very synthesis of the event itself.